Friday, December 12, 2014

Do We Really Have What They Wrote? New Testament Textual Variants

Recently, I was involved in a rather intense argument with multiple people, one person in particular was telling us all that there was nothing to indicate that the Bible was the Word of God, and that it
failed to stand up to scrutiny in matters of history and science.  In defense of his point, he quoted Bart Ehrman and said that there were so many variants in the New Testament manuscripts that we couldn't trust that we actually had what those authors wrote.

The question is, was Bart Ehrman right?  Do the 400,000 variants in the 5,500 plus manuscripts prevent us from trusting that we have what the New Testament authors actually wrote?

To answer that question, I decided to take a clip from my Documentary film God: A Matter of Science & History and post it as my first-ever video created specifically for this blog.  I hope that this video will show you the absurdity of Erhman's assertion, and allow you to trust what you read in the New Testament.

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